equine transportation aircraft

Another source of pride is our dedicated Boeing 727 cargo aircraft, nicknamed "AIR HORSE ONE". We are the only U.S. based horse transportation company to utilize a dedicated aircraft. We have exclusive use of this aircraft under a contractual arrangement with a first-class certified air carrier. This arrangement allows us the luxury of flexibility, enabling us to better meet the needs, demands and flight schedules of our valuable customers. We never have to adapt to the schedule of an airline. Additionally, flight crew members are trained to be sensitive to the travel needs of our equine passengers and operate the aircraft accordingly; avoiding steep ascents and descents, steering clear of adverse weather conditions, putting a premium on smooth, uneventful landings and minimizing time between stops all add up to stress free and comfortable travel in a climate controlled environment. Equine transportation should not be a stressful event, and we want you to have peace of mind while your horse is in flight, so our aircraft configuration permits our customers to include a limited number of grooms or assistants to accompany their horse when traveling. This helps assure safe handling by someone familiar with the individual animal from stall to stall.