Rob Clark


Rob is a native of Michigan who resides in Naples, Florida and manages H.E. Sutton from our corporate office there. Rob grew up around racehorses and aviation. His father Dave Clark has been in the cargo aviation industry virtually all of Rob’s life and purchased his first racehorse back in the early 1970’s. Rob has been involved at different times in various aspects of each business since the early 1980’s. He gained experience working with Thoroughbreds in both the breeding and training operations at Iron Horse Farm in Arkansas, which was co-owned by his father along with Tex Sutton at the time. He began working full time in the aviation business in 1997 and has been involved with H.E. Sutton since 1998. Rob was promoted to President in 2006 and in January, 2011 he purchased the company from his father. Rob is focused on maintaining our great reputation within the industry while constantly exploring ways to update and improve our level of service.

Jennifer Johnson


Jennifer was born and raised in Oklahoma. A graduate of Oklahoma State University, Jennifer currently lives and works in a suburb of Washington, DC. She started working for H.E. Sutton back in 1999. As a child Jennifer grew up around horses. She spent most of her time riding Western Style and competing in Rodeos. As an adult she began competing in various Show events. One of her greatest achievements came in 1991 when she won a World Championship in the Open Hunter Class. Prior to coming aboard our company she gained experience in the thoroughbred industry holding positions ranging from exercise rider to veterinary assistant to serving as bookkeeper for a well known trainer. She also spent time working in marketing and guest relations for Remington Park in Oklahoma City through its construction process and during its opening year. Jennifer's professionalism and background, as well as her great rapport with our clientele all contribute to our continued success.




Greg Otteson


Greg was born and raised in Colorado and still calls it home when he's not out traveling and walking the backsides of racetracks tending to our customers. Greg was brought up in the Quarter Horse racing industry. His father was an avid Quarter Horse owner, trainer and breeder. After graduating from college, Greg moved to California where he worked in various aspects of the Quarter Horse racing business. A few years later he shifted his attention to thoroughbred racing. Greg worked as an assistant trainer to several local trainers as well as having trained a string of horses himself. Greg has since been sales manager for a well known transportation company as well as being the North American representative for the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Greg started with Tex Sutton in 2003 and quickly worked his way up to the position of Sales Manager. Greg's professionalism and extensive experience as well as his hard work ethic set a fine example for all of us.

Buddy Fife


Buddy is a native of Louisville, Kentucky where he still resides today. Buddy's experience with race horses dates back to 1965 when his father purchased his first horse. As a kid, Buddy spent his weekends and summer vacations on the backside working for his dad. In 1968 Buddy began working full time with horses. He did everything from grooming, to exercise rider, to being assistant trainer. Buddy obtained his trainer's license in 1976 and had his own stable up until 1981. He then switched from training to being a jockey's agent, where he represented various riders up until 1999. That year he joined our company and has been the face of Tex Sutton around Churchill Downs ever since. Buddy does a great job helping to make sure that our Louisville operations run without a hitch.

Gail Prince


Gail has been with H.E. Sutton longer than anyone else in the company. She began working for Tex Sutton back in 1970 just after he had decided to switch from transporting horses by rail to airplanes. Gail has been a key component of the company's success, practically since its inception. She had previously worked for Los Angeles Turf Express which was one of the vanning companies that Tex used for ground transportation after horses were offloaded from the railcars. Gail was born in Arkansas, raised in Southern California and currently lives near Nashville, Tennessee. Gail's knowledge and experience in horse transportation make her an extremely valuable asset to our company.

Larry Ulrich


Larry is a native of Northern California who currently resides in Lexington, Kentucy. He joined H.E. Sutton in April of 2007 and has been a welcome addition to our company ever since. Larry grew up around the racetrack. He has done every job from hot walking horses, to being a groom, to working as assistant to several New York based trainers. Larry's experience and relationship with most of the east coast race and show owners and trainers make for a perfect fit within our sales staff.

Margo Hudson


Margo has been involved in the Equine Industry her entire life. Born and raised in Ocala, Florida she is third generation in the Horse Transport business, as her grandfather founded HH Hudson Transportation which has since merged with Creech Horse Transportation. Her father Chip is well known in the industry as a H/J Trainer, and for managing Hudson and Creech Vans. As a child Margo competed on the Florida Hunter Circuit. As a teenager she developed a passion for Team Roping and still competes today. During her Professional career she has worked with numerous TB Sales Agents including Niall Brennan, Summerfield and Indian Creek in FL, NY and KY. Margo’s knowledge, experience and passion in the horse world make her a valuable part of the Sutton team.




Mike Payne


Mike comes from West Frankfort, Illinois where he grew up on his family farm. He moved to Mt. Sterling, Kentucky years ago where he still resides today. Mike began working for Tex Sutton back in 1990. He started as a horse handler and later became the supervisor of that group where he served for many years. His current position as Operations Manager makes him one of the essential components of our success. It is Mike's responsibility to make sure that all of our horse ramps, trucks and other equipment are in perfect working order so that we can move your horses safely and efficiently every time. Mike works from our home base in Lexington Kentucky and manages all of the other employees who work from there. He is involved in logistical planning, purchasing, maintaining our equipment and making sure that everything runs smoothly.



Rafael Castellanos


John Clay


Glenn Howard




Don Morton


Shawn Schlenk




These guys are the lifeblood of our business. Without their combined experience and knowledge of horses, we could not maintain our great reputation within the industry. All of them having extensive experience working with horses, they ensure the safe loading and unloading of our four legged passengers and keep them comfortable during flight. It takes a special person to endure the sometimes long periods away from home that they do, and these guys do it with a level of professionalism and expertise unsurpassed in the business. When your horse arrives at its destination happy and healthy, you can thank our expert horse handlers.