The Map below shows our most commonly served cities. Run your mouse pointer over the dots to see the location, some of the major racetracks and show venues that are nearby and the distance by road from the airport to that track or venue. 

The Flight Schedule below indicates currently scheduled flights. Mouse over the date to highlight the locations on the map. (If you don't see a flight on the schedule that meets your needs, please contact one of our sales agents to arrange a trip).



Flight Schedule

May 22, 2017SDF to BWIBWI to SDFSDF to ONT
May 23, 2017ONT to LEXLEX to ABE
May 29, 2017LEX to SWFSWF to MSPMSP to SEASEA to LEX
May 30, 2017LEX to ABEABE to SDFSDF to ONT
June 03, 2017LEX to SWFSWF to RFDRFD to CYYC
June 04, 2017SWF to CYYCCYYC to LEX
June 06, 2017LEX to ABEABE to DALDAL to ONT
June 07, 2017ONT to SDFSDF to ISP